15 watt QRP power meter/

VSWR meter/dummy load

This kit was conceived to fill a need within the hobby for an inexpensive, highly accurate VSWR and RF power meter for QRP power levels. The QRPoMeter+ uses simple analog signal-processing circuitry to provide a set of essential measurement features not previously available in a single unit. High quality, double sided, printed circuit board construction is used, with solder mask and silk screened component reference designators. Except for eight large SMT resistors, all components are through-hole for easy assembly. NO toroids are required. All controls and the BNC jacks are PCB mounted, and a single, four conductor ribbon cable is the only wiring necessary. The QRPoMeter+ can be constructed by beginners as well as experienced builders. Construction time is approximately 3 hours, depending on experience level. The only equipment required for calibration of the QRPoMeter is a digital voltmeter, and a QRP transmitter.

This kit includes two circuit boards, all parts, and assembly instructions.

The VSWR meter uses a resistor bridge for sensing reflected power. This type of circuit has a real advantage for use with QRP kits, many of which do not have VSWR protection of the finals. No matter how bad the antenna impedance is, the worst VSWR the PA will ever see is 2:1 while the QRPoMeter VSWR bridge is in-line.


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