NM0S Electronics

About Us

David W. Cripe NM0S

David Cripe NM0S has designed twenty kits for the Four State QRP Group, including the Hi-Per-Mite CW filter, the Nouveau 75 AM transceiver, and the NS-40 minimalist transmitter as well as the popular Cricket series. One of his kits is featured each year at 4SQRP's Ozarkcon Buildathon.

He designed the Humana-Light kit for the Ears To Our World Foundation.

David also recently revamped the kit line up for the ARRL Teachers Institute workshops and the "Hands-On Radio" book series and provides four different kits to the ARRL annually.

Virginia R. Smith NV5F

Virginia Smith NV5F has been building kits and radios for a decade and is now exploring the world of circuit design. At heart she is an artist and takes an intuitive approach to radio. She also brings her aesthetic creativity to NM0S Electronics kits, the website, and product documentation.

She is currently studying electrical engineering with an emphasis in radio and commuication system design.

Virginia enjoys interdisciplinary styles of teaching and hopes to tie her interests in amateur radio and radio design with illustration and fiction in the future.