5 watt 7 MHz

CW Transmitter

This classic kit had been offered by the Four State QRP group for many years, and finally retired. Now it is back, and better than ever!

It is a truly unique QRP transmitter design. 'NS' stands for None Simpler, and there is No Simpler 40 Meter Transmitter. Why is it called the None Simpler? Because there are only 14 electronic components, and NO TOROIDS or COILS of any kind to wind - NONE! All inductors are incorporated directly on the PC board as etched spirals.


This is an ideal first kit for budding homebrewers and will also appeal to the seasoned QRPer due to it's innovative design. Just because this is a simple transmitter, doesn't mean that there is a compromise in performance. The transmitter incorporates a two transistor MOPA (Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier) circuit, with a 2N7000 crystal oscillator driving the IRF510 Class E final. Both are keyed for a clean, click-and-chirp-free signal. The innovative Low Pass Filter (LPF) provides harmonic rejection to greater than -50 dBc. The signal is a clean >5 watts into a 50 ohm load.

Using the rugged and low-cost IRF510 MOSFET this transmitter utilizes a Class-E final amplifier for maximum efficiency and reliability. The 2N7000 oscillator easily drives the final to a full 5 watts out while running at comfortable temperatures. The PA heat sink helps the final accommodate accidental high SWR (>2:1) excursions while tuning or trying out a new antenna.

The new NS-40+ now includes a 3.5mm keying jack, 2.1x5.5mm power jack and plug, and BNC antenna connection. All parts are shipped in an antistatic bag. Schematic and parts list included with the kit.